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We are fire inside, we are an army asleep
We are a people awaking to follow their dreams
We don't have time for your games
We have our own goals to score
There are trophies to win instead of being one of yours
Here's to the girls on their boards with bruises and scars 
Here's to the girls whose fingers bleed from playin guitar
Here's to anyone who never quit when things got hard
You'll never let them say you'll never get that far

Selected works from Natalya Lobanova.

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i knew a dude in college who kept an old Smirnoff bottle full of water on his desk and would casually chug straight out of it in the middle of conversations with new people in order to establish dominance








This is the realest shit

Top 5 butt (asked by giraffesandsneezing)

i refuse to change my answer:

  1. kim’s
  2. yours
  3. kimberly’s
  4. giraffesandsneezing’s
  5. that girl who lived down the hall from me freshman year—i think her name was kim

Fangirl Challenge: [5/10] Movies » Jurassic Park (1993)

"Welcome to Jurassic Park."


Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

To celebrate Harry’s birthday (and my undying love for the series), I made my own covers! I created patterns (Thanks for the inspiration Scandinavia!) using a significant object from each book. I used those in the movies as reference and digitally painted them. You can view the whole project here! :)

(It’s already July 31 here in the Philippines. Haha.)