The Pittsburgh Penguins


1st period: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

2nd period: (⊙‿⊙)

3rd period: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


if you get a group of at least five people between their late teens and early/middish twenties and have one of them quote spongebob squarepants i swear to god they can kill half an hour at minimum just quoting random and often unrelated spongebob snippets back and forth at each other nigh verbatim without any other conversation, this is basically science



A bunch of drunk college kids tried to play “Alice in Wonderland”

I cry of laughter everytime I watch this. 

what the fuclk did i just watch


petition for the pens to start wearing these



Some fans were looking to have a good time with Niskanen.  Niskanen was just letting them know that maybe his girlfriend was more interested in him than him. I got more money than you.

"What’s the question that you’re sick of answering? Did I ask it?"

4.23.14: James Neal scores to make it 3-0.


originality: 2/10
construction: 3/10
penmanship: 4/10.

"The Penguins are looking at the possibility of in the future getting Niskanen on the Tonight Show with the chance of challenging Fallon to a game of darts." (→)